Fees and Offers

Examination Services

Private FeeNew Square Plan
New Patient Consultation includes 2 Radiographs£90.00£0.00
New Patient Consultation age 1-16£39.00
Routine Examination£64.00£0.00
Routine Examination for children age 1-5£21.50
Routine Examination for children age 6-10£28.00
Routine Examination for children age 11-16£34.00
Small Radiograph£11.80£0.00
Scale & Polish (with Hygienist)£75.00£0.00
Scale & Polish (with Dentist)£82.00£82.00
Emergency Appointment £35.000.00
Emergency Call Out £154.000.00


Private FeeNew Square Plan
Small White Filling£95.00£85.50
Large White Filling£150.00£135.00
Temporary Filling£35.000.00


Private FeeNew Square Plan
Gold Crown£700.00£630.00
Porcelain Crown£775.00£697.50

Dentures, Braces and Implants

Private New Square Plan
Acrylic Denture Upper or Lower£675.00£607.50
Chrome Cobalt Denture Upper or Lower
Implants £1500.00£1500.00

This is only a guide, prices may vary depending on the current market, gold prices, type of materials used and also time.

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