Clear Aligner is a clear orthodontic treatment that allows you to achieve your perfect smile with minimal impact on your everyday life. It is achieved with clear positioners and other ‘invisible’ appliances, which help straighten out overlapping, crooked, or spaced teeth. The positioners are made from wafer thin medical grade plastic, and are comfortable, clear and easy to wear. They are worn in a series of 2 week periods, to help align your teeth as desired.

What can you expect from your treatment?

  • We would first book you an initial consultation with the dentist, to ascertain your concerns about your teeth and establish what you wish to achieve and your suitability for the treatment.
  • Diagnostic report- moulds xrays and photographs will be taken to help determine the treatment options and cost entailed.
  • Provision and fitting of positioners with monitoring of treatment progress.

If you are interested in Clear Aligner and would like to book an appointment to discuss the treatment further please contact the practice on 01223 506490. Alternatively, for more information, please go tohttp://www.clearaligner.co.uk/.