7 things you didn’t know about tooth whitening

here are some interesting facts about whitening that you probably didnt know.

1. Whitening is safe

If carried out by a trained dental professional whitening is perfectly safe. Depending on your dental health your dentist will decide weather whitening is appropriate for you and will guide you through the treatment to give the desired result.

2. Only trained dental professionals can whiten teeth

It is illegal for anyone other than trained dentists to carry out teeth whitening. Anyone else offering teeth whitening wont have the right training or knowledge and could permanently damage your teeth and gums.

3. The preferred option

Whitening wont remove the surface of your teeth or change their shape. It is often the better option than alternatives such as crowns or veneers, because it wont permanently alter the tooth’s structure.

4. Selecting the right product for you

Your dentist is trained to know what whitening products will be safe for your teeth and gums. Products provided by non-dentists often do not have enough safety data or evidence to support their use. This can result in blistered lips and burned gums.

5. How it works

A carefully controlled amount of bleach is applied to the teeth using specially made trays that fit in your mouth. Your dentist will be able to discuss the level of whitening you need to achieve the desired result and give you the shade you are after.

6. What to expect

You may experience some sensitivity for a short time during your treatment but this is normal and will fade away after completion.

7. Over the counter kits may not be safe

The products you can buy online or from high street shops often fail to declare the precise chemicals used so it is very difficult to assess their safety. Because of this they should not be considered safe and will not produce the same results as you would receive by visiting your dentist.

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